Interlude Lunch Menu 2018

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Soup of the day served with homemade brown bread

Sandwich Combo baked ham, Knockanore Cheddar on Barron's Blaa with chips or cup of soup

Flat Breads tomato sauce, roast peppers, red onion, cherry tomato with goats cheese and beetroot chutney

Flat Breads bechamel sauce, spinach, spring onion, Serrano ham, mozzarella, pea hummus and parmesan

€ 4.50


€ 10.00


€ 9.95


€ 9.95


Chilli Beef Wrap - ground beef cooked with chilli and tomato in tortilla wrap topped with sour cream

Chicken Wings - maple and cayenne wings with chipotle ketchup

Nachos - choice of fiery mixed beans OR chilli beef layered with cheese and tortillas, oven finished with avocado salsa and sour cream

€ 8.95

€ 7.50/12.50

€ 6.95/11.95


Interlude Caesar - chargrilled chicken served warm on top of caesar dressed leaves, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon and croutons topped with parmesan shavings

Pesto Chicken - warm pesto chicken, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, sliced avocado, toasted pine nuts and pesto

Knockalara Ewes Cheese - tossed leaves, spiced chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, pickled cucumber and olives

Superfood Salad - with spinach, tossed leaves, quinoa, avocado, chilli and lime dressing and toasted omega 3 seeds

Protein Choice - Sticky Sesame Chicken, Soy Salmon or Knockalara Cheese

Goats Cheese Tartlet - baked goats cheese on puff pastry, cherry tomato and pesto base, served with tossede salad, beetroot chutney and candied peanuts.

€ 7.95/12.95



€ 7.95/12.95



€ 7.95/12.95


€ 11.00



€ 3.50


€ 8.50/12.95


Fish Pie - salmon, cod, and smoked haddock in a white wine cream sauce with potato topping and side of garden greens and garlic bread

Fishcakes - cod fishcakes with herb salad, salsa verde and house fries

Mussels - steamed open with Dungarvan beer, mustard and bacon

Crispy Catch of the Day - with pea and mint hummus and twice cooked chips

€ 15.50

€ 14.50


€ 9.95/16.50


€ 17.00


Build the Burger

€ 14.50

Denn Farm Beef, butchered by McGraths, served in a brioche bun, build your own toppings...
choose a meat and choose a cheese, served with interlude wedgesand pepper sauce


Crispy Bacon

Pulled Pork

Chilli Beef


Knockanore Cheddar

Blue Cheese


Sides: € 2.50

House Slaw

Onion Rings

Avocado Salsa

Tossed Salad

Open Sirloin Steak Sandwich - served with roasted wild mushrooms, crispy onions and pepper sauce

Chicken Breast in a Bun - marinated in lemon and garlic. Choose from Classic Interlude with herb mayo and onion marmalade OR bacon, mozzarella and avacado salsa

€ 16.50

€ 13.95


Our pizza bases are made in-house and cooked in our stone oven


Chilli Beef - plum tomato sauce base, roadted red onion, peppers, mozzarella, chilli oil and sour cream

Funky Fungi - roasted wild mushroomm, spinach, garlic and thyme oil, ewes cheese

Serrano Ham - with a bechamel sauce base, spinach, rocket and basil pesto

Meat Feast - plum tomatosauce base, ham, gubeen chorizo, salami and Toonsbridge mozzarella

€ 14.50


€ 14.50


€ 14.50


€ 15.50


Chicken in Crumbs - with chunky chips


Penne - with tomato sauce served with garlic bread


Margharita Pizza -ideal for sharing!!


Fish Pie 'Beag' "Beag" - with potato topping and garlic bread

€ 5.95


€ 4.95


€ 6.95/10.95


€ 6.95


Sticky Jameson & Coke Pudding

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Tart


Hazelnut & Baileys Meringue Roulade


Chocolate & Caramel Brownie


Eton Mess Sundae


Pancakes with ice cream and filled with forest berry compote


Raspberry & White Chocolate Creme Brulee


Dungarvan Blackrock Stout & Chocolate Cake


Lemon, Rosemary and Polenta Flourless Drizzle Cake

€ 5.95


€ 5.95


€ 5.95


€ 5.95


€ 5.95


€ 6.50


€ 5.95


€ 5.95


€ 5.95


Americano - full cup of freshly ground coffee

Espresso - fresh ground shot, strong


Macchiato - espresso shot topped with foam


Flat White - espresso shot topped with foam


Cappuccino -a mixture of espresso with steamed milk, a rich creamy foam and a shake of chocolate


Latte - a generous dose of fresh coffee, steamed milk and a layer of foam


Mocha - a shot of espresso and hot chocolate capped with rich foam


Hot Chocolate - with marshmallows


Extra Shot of Coffee


Pot of Tea


Herbal Teas



Coke/Diet Coke


Club orange/7up/Diet 7up


Ballycross Juices


Sparkling Water



Glass of House Sauvignon


Glass of House Chardonay


Glass of Red Cabarnet


Glass of Syrah



Craft brews


Local Dungarvan Beers


Legacy Cider

€ 2.70


€ 2.20


€ 2.40


€ 2.80


€ 3.20


€ 2.90


€ 2.95


€ 2.95


€ 0.50


€ 2.50


€ 2.70



€ 2.95


€ 2.70


€ 2.70


€ 2.80



€ 6.50


€ 6.75


€ 6.50


€ 6.50





€ 6.50


€ 6.50


All items subject to availability. All prices include VAT. Service is not included. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee any items on our menu are free from nuts, or our fish is free from bones. All our beef is home-reared and butchered by McGraths in Lismore. Chicken is from Cappoquin. Fish is locally sourced.